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Kate's story

Kate Adamson, author of Paralyzed but not Powerless, tells her unique story of overcoming Locked in Syndrome (total paralysis from brain injury due to a brainstem stroke). She inspires corporate and government audiences to appreciate how those who effectively deal with their disabilities, tend to develop levels of creativity and resourcefulness beyond what they would have had they never suffered the disability.


"Kate Adamson has a powerful and inspiring story for providers and patients. She exudes wisdom and courage reflective of her personal experience with stroke. You will greatly enjoy meeting Kate her personal experience and knowledge. She has much to offer patients, family members, and providers."
Michael A. Elliott, MD
"Your inspirational and genuine presentation – and your explicit instruction – made our annual event a success. It was an honor to have someone of your caliber."
Joanne L. Massaglia
Roxanna Todd Hodges Foundation
"You captivate and engage us with your powerful story of courage, hope, ability and empowerment. We were honored and grateful to host your visits to Wyoming. Everyone should read your book, Kate, and hear your presentation."
Roger VanLieshout
President, Synergy HRD Associates, Inc


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