About Kate Adamson

Kate Adamson, MSW Author of Paralyzed but not Powerless, shares what it was like to be totally paralyzed and Locked-in. Faced with a medical community who assumed she had no hope, she fashioned an amazing recovery from Locked-in Syndrome (total paralysis from a brain injury due to a brainstem stroke). She also shares the challenges she faced as a middle-aged woman who overcame obstacles to obtain a college and graduate degree. Not only does Kate have the personal experience of what it is like to rehabilitate one’s life after a devastating stroke, she also has twenty-five years’ experience of working with individuals and families to help them rebuild their lives. She has been a facilitator for groups, a lecturer, a keynote speaker, an advocate, and counselor. Her experience is richly augmented by her professional educational achievements, which enables her to bring a professional outlook to her consulting. She is a keynote speaker who has inspired countless organizations (listed in the Client’s List).

Each year we say to ourselves “How do we top last year?” Your incredible engaging message surpassed our hopes and expectations.
I have one word for you, Kate: “Amazing.”
Debbie Terech
Director, Business Leadership Network
Thank you! This was the third time I’ve heard you – but it was like the first time all over again.  You don’t have a “poor me, come join my pity party” approach. Your positive outlook is an inspiration for all who feel paralyzed by their circumstances.
Tonya Priest
Equal Opportunity Manager / Federal Mediator

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