Paralyzed but Not Powerless

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The 2nd edition of Paralyzed but not Powerless is available. The content is reorganized, refreshed and easier to read.

What would it be like to be locked in a glass coffin?  You can see, hear and feel everything but are completely unable to tell anyone that you are alive.  That is what “Locked-In syndrome” is.  You are totally paralyzed – unable to move a finger or a toe – you cannot even blink to let anyone know you are alive and aware.

When Kate Adamson experienced a double brain-stem stroke, her bright tomorrow turned into a dark timeless tunnel. The lessons she learned there – and recounts in her book, Paralyzed but not Powerless – are a model for anyone who feels their goals are just out of reach.

Her book chronicles in much greater detail than a one hour speech possibly can, her suffering, surviving and healing. It demonstrates the focus and determination required to survive such an experience; and the role medical professionals and legal advocates play in making the difference between life and death, mere survival and outstanding success.

Kate’s story connects the fragility of life with the power of the human spirit. Paralyzed but not Powerless includes a medical analysis of her ordeal and amazing recovery by Dr. Jeffrey Saver, professor of neurology, UCLA School of Medicine.  Also included are comments “from the other side of the bed” by Steven Klugman.  As the patient’s husband and as her attorney and advocate, he dealt with the personal, spiritual, moral, as well as the legal and medical ramifications of his wife’s journey through the dark and hopeless tunnel of total paralysis, overcoming one in a million odds against survival, to the light of her new life.

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Since her devastating stroke in 1995, New Zealand born Kate Adamson has accomplished more than anyone ever imagined. She has testified on behalf of the American Heart Association, before the United States Congress for more funding for stroke and heart research. She has been a national spokesperson for the American Stroke Association and a board member of the Stroke Association in Los Angeles. She was appointed to the University of Southern California, Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Board of Counselors.  Member of the National Speakers Association, and the National Association of Social Workers, she is a popular keynote presenter to medical association events, corporate conventions, and local and national service organizations.

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