Expert Witness

She is the voice for your voiceless client. Kate provides unique and valuable testimony regarding issues such as pain and awareness in the apparently comatose patient. She testifies with the voice of experience how it feels to be in a state of total paralysis.

Patient Advocacy, Recovery and Care Planning

Kate’s husband, Steven Klugman, attorney at law, helps you determine your legal rights to care and possible compensation.  Together they help you plan the best possible recovery for you or your loved one, when faced with difficult medical challenges.  They offer hope and encouragement and assistance in selecting the best medical facility for your needs. This experienced team helps you work with your insurance company making sure you get the care you need.

Your demonstration of what is possible for those who begin their “life after stroke” encouraged many to persevere. Thank you, Kate!
Liz Martin
Field Officer, Stroke Foundation (Otago, New Zealand)

Medical/legal consultation

While the initial illness or injury may not be the fault of others actions or neglect, many more people are injured or made worse by the actions of others.  Kate and Steven represent a team of experienced attorneys who help you and your  the funds necessary to finance long term care.  They have been successful in helping families obtain multi-million dollar recoveries which have changed lives.

Lobbying/political advocacy

Have you ever tried to approach your state or national legislators regarding end of life issues, patient care, or medical research funding?  Kate and Steven have testified before the US Congress and several State legislatures and individual legislators, lobbying for millions of dollars in government support for such causes. They will help your group do the same.

Keynote Speaking

Kate is an on target, highly interactive inspirational speaker. She understands the theme of your conference and brings focus and power to your event.  Her main focus is helping individuals and corporations – including medical corporations – deal with patient / paralysis issues, as well as their own internal corporate paralysis issues.  Her versatile repertoire allows her to tailor her presentation to your event.

Your message will be long remembered, Kate. Our hospital board members, executives and physicians were personally touched and inspired to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, patients and families.
Stephen Stoddard
MHA, FACHE, Executive Director

Her popular keynote presentation, One Hand Clapping, inspires those who feel paralyzed, personally or professionally. She motivates public, medical and corporate audiences to overcome their paralysis and move to their next level of accomplishment by focusing on what they can do, not what they can’t.

“Ability Awareness” Workshop

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