Kate Adamson M.S.W
Class of 2018
Photo by Lan + Khang Studio

As many of you know, I have recently graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Master’s in Social Work (MSW).

For the past twenty years, I have served as an advocate for stroke survivors and their families.

I have always been available to those with disabilities, and am now expanding my availability as a consultant to individuals, spouses, and family members who have a loved one that is disabled, not just by stroke, by any adverse condition.

Since I deal with disabilities myself, I have personal and unique knowledge of what it is like to have severe disabilities, the journey to recovery, and the effects on family members. Now with my additional skills and credentials I am able to be even more effective as an advocate and support.

If local, I am able to come personally to work with the disabled person and/or their family. There would be no travel expenses, just a reasonable hourly consultation fee. I offer hope, encouragement, knowledge and understanding of what a disabled individual is experiencing.

I really want to thank you and tell you how much my family enjoyed meeting you. My brother was inspired by you and wanted me to let you know how kind you are.” ~ Edith

“We will never forget you! Forever in our hearts, thank you!” ~ Marguerite

“Kate Adamson has a powerful and inspiring story for providers and patients. She exudes wisdom and couragereflective of her personal experience with stroke. You will greatly enjoy meeting Kate her personal experience and knowledge. She has much to offer patients, family members, and providers.” ~ Michael A. Elliott, MD

If you are out of area, I could make arrangements to come and visit the individual and family, with my expenses being paid, and a reasonable consultation fee. I look forward to your referrals and to working alongside you!