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Relationships with Law Firms

Kate Adamson, MSW, has formed business relationships with law firms that deal with disability-related issues; these associations allow her to more effectively assist attorneys and their clients who have suffered debilitating injuries.  

Kate suffered Locked-in Syndrome (total body paralysis) as a result of a double pontine brain stem stroke. It was a concerned trial attorney who provided representation, personal concern and persistence to restore her quality of life. This kind of attorney cares as much about the client, as getting another notch on the belt in the courtroom.

One of these law firms recently won 3.5 million dollars in compensatory damages. Winning a good settlement is wonderful; however, the main thing for these attorneys is the assurance that their client can have the highest quality of life possible.  The attorneys Kate works with are dedicated to helping clients and families move forward and thrive – not just survive.  

As a trained MSW, Kate helps attorneys, their clients, families, and health care providers formulate the best strategies for survival, recovery, rehabilitation, and life restoration.  For more information about how Kate can serve you, whether you are the law firm or the client, contact her directly: Adamson.Kate@gmail.com