Are you a hero?

You are probably like me, a parent doing the best you can. You might not see yourself as a hero – do you?

I remember when my daughter, Stephanie was in 6th grade and had an assignment to talk about their favorite hero. She chose me, her mum. The day she addressed her class, I sat proudly in my wheelchair misty eyed as she stood before her class wearing her ‘Kate’s Journey’ t-shirt speaking about her hero – me -a stroke survivor. As an added prop Stephanie displayed on her leg my spare brace used for my foot drop.

I am just an ordinary person dealing with difficult circumstances the best I can. I never thought that dealing with my disability would make me anyone’s hero.

Your situation may not be as dramatic as mine, but we all suffer “paralysis” from difficult challenges and decisions. Believe me, our children notice how we deal with it, and that formulates their attitudes and behavior. Remember to deal with ordinary challenges in an extraordinary way and you are their hero whether they tell you or not.