Move Forward

It’s 2012. Feeling paralyzed and stuck already? You can only achieve success if you are moving forward.

You and I are in Los Angeles. We decide to go to New York. I decide to take a plane you start walking. Who will get there first?

You will.

I only decided to go – you went. Maybe you can only take a few small steps a day, but if you keep stepping you will get there.

I never will.

Start by focusing on what you can do. Need some inspiration?

Read my book “Paralyzed but not Powerless.”

Imagine being totally paralyzed and unable to do anything but blink your eyes. You’ve heard my story. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do I chose to focus on what I could do. It wasn’t much. I could only blink my eyes. But that I could do, and that I did.

The simple act of blinking my eyes was the first tiny step towards my goal of walking and talking again.

Today I walk.
And they can’t shut me up.

What is your tiny first step?

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