The Biology of Support

Feeling stuck and paralyzed? You are not alone.

I’ve you’ve read my story, you’ll recall I was unable to do anything but blink after a massive brain stem stroke left me paralyzed. With the help of a great medical team, therapists and my family I learned to focus not on what was impossible, but on all that was possible.

I use that motto as a guiding force, constantly reminding myself to appreciate all that I am able to do. Does that mean that I never feel stuck? No. I have my good days, and my bad.

Currently, this non-scientist is taking on college biology. I must admit, I have not taken to it ‘like a duck takes to water’. In fact, I was just about ready to quit, until my youngest took me aside for a much needed pep-talk.

She reminded me of who I am, how far I have come, and what I am capable of doing. In times of doubt it is important to lean on family or friends for some much needed support. Make it a priority to surround yourself with people who build you up, and in return be sure to do the same!

After talking with my daughter, my thinking was redirected and instead of wallowing in my perceived powerlessness, I focused on all the proactive things I could be doing to achieve my goal. I did not quit, remembering once again that emotional paralysis is optional. Power is a choice.

So, let me take a second to remind you of who you are, where you have been and what you can do. You are powerful, capable beings. Remember that the next time you are feeling paralyzed!

As they say in Galaxy Quest, “Never Give up. Never Give in!”