The impact our words can have

More often than not, my engagements have me speaking to large audiences. Recently, I was speaking to Emerald Health celebrating their 10 year anniversary and addressing a small crowd. I love small audiences as it gives me a chance to interact with people on a more personal level. I had an emotional conversation with an audience member who was struggling with depression and finding purpose in their life. If I had ever met someone emotionally paralyzed – this person fit that description. I was extremely moved as they shared the impact my speech had left on them. Woven into my message were the simple words, “Focus on what you can do. Focus on what you have, not what you have lost,” and they had proven to be powerful words indeed. The woman’s spirit was renewed with hope as she remarked how she would now begin to move forward in her life. What a touching reminder that was; it all starts with a tiny first step.